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New Users

Fill out the ALS Participating Guest Information Form before your first visit to ALS.

Schedule your training session through Jane Tanamachi at a time during business hours (NOTE: the training office closes at 4PM). New users are encouraged to do their training immediately prior to their data collection time, so your first shift will be a 4PM-midnight shift. New users are strongly encouraged to bring an experienced user with them during their first beamtime.

Register at http://www.als.lbl.gov/als/quickguide/registration.html under participating guest information form. After submitting, make sure you get a registration number (if certain information is not entered, the form will not be accepted).

Helpful hints when filling out the form:

Birthdate:  Enter month, date, year – in this order

Principal investigator: Make sure this is filled in

Description of activity:  Collecting data on BL 8.3.1.

Lab contact:  George Meigs

From date:  Day of arrival for guest processing

To date: One year from beginning date *or if not a US citizen, the end date of the visa - if it is less than a year away.

Medical/health insurance:  Name of carrier – no number needed

Emergency Contact:  Indicate this as a primary contact – you may use a relative, your supervisor or co-worker.

After you push the submit button, you will be given instruction for taking your training  on line. Be sure to do this. It will save lots of time when you come in to get your badge.

*If you are not a US citizen, be sure to bring your passport, I-94, and visa information.

J-1:  Bring health insurance card

F-1:  Bring health insurance card and student ID

Green card:  Bring 2 of the following:  Driver’s license, passport. birth certificate

Canadians:  Bring 2 of the following:  Driver’s license, passport, birth certificate

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