Clyde F. Wilson

Position:      Research Associate
Specialty:    Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Microfluidics
Phone:         (415) 902-6639
Fax:             (415) 476-1902
Web site:

Research Interests:
     - Cooperative myosin action at different stages of the power stroke and how this changes with fatigue


Clyde loading myofibrils (see below image) on the microscope


Selected Publications and Presentations:

  • Structural dynamics of the actomyosin complex probed by a bifunctional spin label that crosslinks SH1 and SH2. Thompson AR, Naber N, Wilson CF, Cooke R and Thomas D. Biophys J, In press 2008.

  • The Percent Myosin Heads Bound to Actin During Muscle Activation. Wilson CF, Franks-Skiba K, and Cooke R. Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, March 1-5, 2003. Poster presentation.

  • Measuring the Percent of Myosin Heads Bound to Actin. Wilson CF, Franks-Skiba K, and Cooke R. University of California San Francisco Tetrad Retreat, Granlibakken, Lake Tahoe, CA, September 12-14, 2002. Poster presentation.

  • Coupled Electrorotation of Polymer Microspheres for Microfluidic Sensing and Mixing. Wilson CF, Wallace MI, Morishima K, Simpson GJ, and Zare RN. Anal. Chem., 2002, 74, 5099 – 5104.

  • Coupled Electrorotation: Two Proximate Microspheres Spin in Registry with an AC Electric Field. Simpson GJ, Wilson CF, Gericke K-H, and Zare RN. ChemPhysChem, 2002, 3, 416-423.

  • Confining and Probing Single Molecules in Synthetic Liposomes. Wilson CF, Chiu DT, Stromberg A, Karlsson A, Orwar O, and Zare RN. In Single Molecule Spectroscopy:  Nobel Conference Proceedings, R. Rigler, M. Orrit, and T. Basché, eds., Springer Verlag, Berlin 2001.

  • Nanoengineered Structures for Holding and Manipulating Liposomes and Cells. Wilson CF, Simpson GJ, Chiu DT, Stromberg A, Orwar O, Rodriguez N, and Zare RN. Anal. Chem., 2001, 73, 787-791.

  • Manipulating the Genetic Identity and Biochemical Surface Properties of Individual Cells with Electric-Field-Induced Fusion. Stromberg A, Ryttsen F, Chiu DT, Davidson M, Eriksson PS, Wilson CF, Orwar O, and Zare RN. PNAS-USA, 2000, 97, 7-11.

  • Manipulating the Biochemical Nanoenvironment Around Single Molecules Contained Within Vesicles. Chiu DT, Wilson CF, Karlsson A, Danielsson A, Lundqvist A, Stromberg A, Ryttsen F, Davidson M, Nordholm S, Orwar O, and Zare RN. Chem. Phys., 1999, 247, 133-139.

  • Chemical Transformations in Individual Ultrasmall Biomimetic Containers. Chiu DT, Wilson CF, Ryttsen F, Stromberg A, Farre C, Karlsson A, Nordholm S, Gaggar A, Modi BP, Moscho A, Garza-Lopez RA, Orwar O, and Zare RN. Science, 1999, 283, 1892-1895.


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