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Roger Cooke

Position:      Professor Emeritus, Principal Investigator
Specialty:    Muscle, EPR, Fluorescence
Phone:         (415) 514-4179
Fax:             (415) 476-1902

Research Interests:

  • Molecular mechanism of muscle fatigue
  • Structural and biochemical events that produce motility
  • Super relaxed state of muscle
  • Metabolism in resting skeletal muscle

Selected Publications:

  1. Thomas, D.D. and Cooke, R. Orientation of Spin-Labelled Myosin Heads in Glycerinated Muscle Fibers. Biophys. J. 32:891-905 (1980).
  2. Cooke, R. The Mechanism of Muscle Contraction. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry, 21:53-118 (1986).
  3. Pate, E., Franks, K., Luciani, G. and Cooke, R. The Inhibition of Muscle Contraction by Hydrogen Ions and Phosphate. J. Physiol. 395:77-97 (1988).
  4. Pate, E., Bhimani, M., Franks-Skiba, K., and Cooke, R. Reduced Effect Of pH On Skinned Rabbit Psoas Muscle Mechanics At High Temperatures: Implications For Fatigue. J. Physiology 486:689-694 (1995).
  5. Pate, E., Naber, N., Matuska, M., Franks-Skiba, K., and Cooke, R. Opening of the Myosin Nucleotide Triphosphate Binding Domain During the ATPase Cycle. Biochemistry 36 (1997).
  6. Rice, S., Lin, A.W., Safer, D., Hart, C.L., Naber, N., Carragher, B.O., Cain, S.M., Pechatnikova, E., Wilson-Kubalek, E.M., Whittaker, M., Pate, E., Cooke, R., Taylor, E.W., Milligan, R.A., and Vale, R.D. A Structural Change in the Kinesin Motor Protein that Drives Motility. Nature 402:778-784 (1999).
  7. Rice, S., Cui, Y., Sindelar, C., Naber, N., Matuska, M., Vale, R., Cooke, R. Thermodynamic Properties of the Kinesin Neck Region Docking to the Catalytic Core. Biophysical Journal, 84:1844-1854 (2003)
  8. Karatzaferi, C., Chinn, M.K., and Cooke, R. The Force Exerted By A Muscle Crossbridge Depends Directly On The Strength Of the Actomyosin Bond. Biophysical J. 87:2532-2544 (2004)
  9. Cooke R. Modulation Of The Actomyosin Interaction During Fatigue Of Skeletal Muscle. Muscle Nerve. 36(6):756-77 (2007).
  10. Stewart M., Franks-Skiba K., Chen S. and Cooke R. Myosin ATP Turnover Rate is a Mechanism Involved In Thermogenesis in Resting Skeletal Muscle Fibers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107:430-5 (2010)
  11. Hooijman, P., Stewart, M. A., and Cooke, R. A New State of Cardiac Myosin with Very Slow ATP Turnover: A Potential Cardio-Protective Mechanism In The Heart. Biophys. J. 100:1969-1976, (2011) PMID: 21504733
  12. Nogara L, Naber N, Pate E, Canton M, Reggiani C, Cooke R. Spectroscopic Studies of the Super Relaxed State of Skeletal Muscle. PLoS One. (2016) Aug 1;11(8):e0160100. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0160100 PMID:27479128
  13. Nogara L, Naber N, Pate E, Canton M, Reggiani C, Cooke R. Piperine's mitigation of obesity and diabetes can be explained by its up-regulation of the metabolic rate of resting muscle. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 113(46):13009-13014 (2016) PMID:27799519
  14. McNamara, JW, Li, A, Lal, S, Bos, JM, Harris,SP, van der Velden, J,. Ackerman MJ, Cooke,R, dos Remedios, CG. MYBPC3 mutations are associated with a reduced super-relaxed state in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy PLoS One. Jun 28;12(6):e0180064. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180064. eCollection (2017). PMID: 28658286
  15. Anderson, RL, Trivedi, DV, Sarkar,SS, Henze, M, Ma, W, Gong, H, Rogers, CS, Wong, FL, Morck,, MM, Seidman, JG, Ruppel, KM, Irving, TC, Cooke, R, Green, EM, Spudich, JA,  Mavacamten stabilizes a folded-back sequestered super-relaxed state of β-cardiac myosin.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2018) in press

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