Sample Preparation Equipment
The laboratory houses an array of state of the art equipment. Researchers are able to generate high quality samples using a broad range of techniques.
Whether one is interested in cryo imaging in amorphous ice, freezing tissue for cryo sectioning or freezing bulk samples for freeze substitution and embedding, two pieces of equipment are on site which allow users to effectively freeze samples; a Vitrobot, and high pressure freezer.
The Vitrobot (vitrification robot) is a PC controlled device which allows for fully automated rapid cooling of thin aqueous samples. The process of plunging, blotting and vitrification is fast and reproducible. Temperature, humidity, number of blots etc., are all parameters which can be adjusted to ensure proper freezing of a given sample.
The EM PACT is a new generation of compact, mobile high pressure freezers.
Three microtomes are available for use in the facility. Depending upon need and user preference one can choose between a Leica Ultracut EM UC6 with an FC6 cryo unit; a Leica Ultracut UCT with an EM FCS cryo unit; and a Reichert-Jung Ultracut E.
Ultracut EM UC6/FC6 Ultracut UCT/FCS
Ultracut E
Vacuum Evaporation / Glow Discharge / Vacuum Pump
For preparation of thin films, coatings or rotary shadowing, a Denton DV-502A fitted with a Cressington mtm 10 thickness monitor is available. Glow discharge is accomplished using an EMS 100 glow discharge unit. A Gatan pumping station is used to maintain cryo stages.
Denton DV-502A EMS 100
GATAN Dry Pumping Station