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The commercially available version of the microscope designed in our lab

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Science News article about work in our lab

Seattle Post article about the type of microscope developed in our lab

Newspaper article on the growing popularity of deconvolution microscopy (invented here)

General Information Sites

Introduction to The Nucleus

3D Confocal Microscopy Homepage

Nuclear Architecture and Chromosome Structure

S. Gasser
P. Lichter
W. Bickmore
C. Bustamante
B. Meyer
K. van Holde
J. Widom
C. Woodcock

Meiosis & Mitosis

Z. Cande
J. Haber
S. Hawley
N. Hollingsworth
N. Kleckner
S. Roeder
A. Rose
S. Endow
G. Karpen
R. McIntosh
B. Nicklas
T. Salmon
W. Sullivan

Heterochromatin & Silencing

V. Corces
J. Eissenberg
P. Geyer
S. Henikoff
G. Karpen
B. Wakimoto
D. Gottschling
L. Pillus
J. Rine
D. Shore
R. Sternglanz

Centromeres, Kinetochores, and Telomeres

Z. Cande
J. Carbon
G. Karpen
B. McEwen
C. Rieder
P. Sorger
V. Zakian