Yeast Mitochondria Visualized in vivo using Green Fluorescent Protein

Brought to you by Wallace Marshall and Jodi Nunnari

Three-Dimensional View as a stereo pair Scale Bar 2.0 microns

3D imaging reveals that the mitochondrion of yeast forms a connected, reticular structure associated with the cell cortex

Time-Lapse View of glancing section illustrating mitochondrial fusion and fission.

time-resolved imaging reveals that the mitochondrial network is constantly undergoing breakage and fusion. This is likely to play a role in mitochondrial inheritance.


Nunnari, J., Marshall, W.F., Straight, A., Murray, W., Sedat, J.W., and Walter, P. 1997. Mitochondrial transmission during mating in S. cerevisiae is determined by mitochondrial fusion and fission and the intramitochondrial segregation of mitochondrial DNA. Mol. Biol. of the Cell. 8,1233-1242.

This work has been an ongoing collaboration between Professor
Jodi Nunnari ,Peter Walter, John Sedat, and Wallace Marshall