FEI Technai Polara:

Our instrument was only the third Polara installed in the world. It is a dedicated cryo instrument which is used at both nitrogen and helium temperatures. This 300kV FEG microscope is equipped with a GATAN post-column energy filter (GIF) and the first lens-coupled 4kx4k high resolution CCD (UltraCam). Automated tomography (UCSF Tomography), automated single-particle data collection (Leginon), and high resolution enery filtered data can be taken using the Polara.

FEI Technai 20:

The T20 is a 200kV LaB6 instrument. It is equipped with a bottom mounted four-quadrant 4k x 4k Gatan UltraScan CCD. The microscope is used for both high resolution cryo imaging as well as automated tomographic data collection at both cryo and standard temperatures. A number of additional stages are available for use with the T20: 2 Gatan ultra high tilt stages, a Gatan 676 Cryo stage, and a Phillips Rotation stage for use in dual axis tomography.

Parameters of our microscopes useful for data collection can be found here.

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