Roger Cooke, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Biochemistry and BIophysics
+1 415 476-1975

We study the Biophysics and Physiology of muscle. We have recently explored a mechanism that plays a role in the metabolic rate of resting skeletal muscle. This involves an equilibrium between two states of the motor protein, myosin. In one state myosin has a much ATPase rate than in the other. Shifting myosin into the state with the higher ATPase activity in resting muscle will increase the metabolic rate of the muscle.

The Cooke Lab uses biophysical, biochemical and physiological techniques. We specialize in: 

     - Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Fluorescence spectroscopy

     - Single muscle fiber experiments conducted on a tensiometer

     - Studies of the mechanism of thermogenesis in skeletal muscle