Yifan Cheng, PhD

Associate Professor
Biochemistry and BIophysics
+1 415 514-9708

We are interested in studying the three-dimensional structures of macromolecular complexes: their structural architectures, the regulation of their function and the dynamic processes of their assembly and disassembly, by molecular electron microscopy (cryoEM). A full understanding of the biological functions/processes of any macromolecular complex requires structural information at a wide range of resolutions, including atomic details of its components, spatial arrangements of these components and interactions between them. CryoEM can be used to study macromolecules in their native conformations at a wide resolution range, from sub-nanometer resolution (single particle cryoEM) to the cellular level (electron tomography).


Allosteric communication in the dynein motor domain.


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CTER-rapid estimation of CTF parameters with error assessment.


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