Oxford Lab Technology Crystal Shifter



Staging crystals for looping is automated using the Oxford Lab Technology Crystal Shifter (Shifter). It is commonly paired with the NANUQ Cryocooling Device and the hitsDB webapp software. hitsDB is still being developed everyday, so there are minor bugs. Only one person at a time can be looping at the Shifter and using the NANUQ. We have training sessions for new users.

If you would like to use the Shifter, please sign up for a training time with this link: training

High Throughput Screening and Fragment Screening

Fragment screening and HTS can be pseduo-automated using the Oxford Lab Technology Crystal Shifter (Shifter) and the NANUQ.


Looping crystals is performed by hand with support from the Shifter and NANUQ.

  • Crystal location can be saved and automatically presented to the user at the Shifter utilizing an in-house developed software called hitsDB
  • When the crystal is looped, the crystal is immediately plunged into liquid nitrogen using the NANUQ.
  • The location of where the crystal is looped is freezed in the puck is saved in the Shifter and NANUQ's software.
  • Using hitsDB, you can keep track of libraries, plates, wells, experiments, collaborators, and projects all in one place.