New Technologies for Light and Electron Microscopy

Low light level 3D deconvolution: We continue collaborations with Sedat (UCSF). New studies raise awareness that extreme photosensitivity plagues in vivo fluorescence imaging – e.g. cell cycle progression is severely perturbed at photon doses below 1% of typical. While SIM hardware developments at UCSF and JFRC now allow dynamic processes to be captured with unprecedented resolution, the utility of such breakthrough performance is severely compromised by phototoxicity. To surmount this, we developed a powerful deconvolution method (ER-DECON) that provides high quality reconstructions at previously unworkably low light levels, promising leaps in our understanding of dynamic biological systems.

Electron counting detector for cryoEM: For large viruses it is now possible to obtain 3-3.5Å resolution by single particle cryoEM, sufficient to trace the polypeptide within experimental maps. The big challenge is obtaining comparable resolutions with smaller, lower symmetry samples. Funded initially by HHMI and an NSF grant (Agard), we have been pushing the development (collaborating with LBNL and Gatan) of a direct detection camera, that most importantly, is optimized for single electron counting; allowing individual electron events to be detected and centroided to sub-pixel accuracy. By counting primary electrons rather than integrating the charge, as in other direct detection and CCD cameras, the readout noise and, more importantly, noise arising from the statistical deposition of energy by the primary electron (Landau noise) can be essentially eliminated and the DQE dramatically improved. Because readout rates are high and there is no penalty for multiple readouts, stacks of dose-fractionated frames can be recorded throughout a single “exposure”. Recently Grigorieff showed that the electron beam causes particle images to move during the exposure, significantly blurring the recorded image. Together with Yifan Cheng (UCSF), we developed an image alignment algorithm allowing frames to be re-registered to sub-pixel accuracy, resulting in dramatic image improvement; effectively turning every image into that rare “perfect” image. This allowed us to determine the structure of the 700KDa proteasome core to an unprecedented 3.3Å resolution, heralding a new phase in cryoEM. 

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