Deepto Mozumdar, PhD


Prior to his post-doctoral adventures, Deepto was a Ruth L Kirschstein (NRSA) Graduate student in the lab of Prof. Alanna Schepartz at Yale/ UC Berkeley. Driven by his fascination with phages, bacteria, and their ever-inspiring time-immemorial battle for survival (read: treasure-trove of biotechnological application waiting to happen!), Deepto hopped across the pond for his post-doc research. At UCSF, Deepto is working with the Bondy-Denomy and David Agard labs to study the molecular underpinnings of THE MOST potent anti-immune mechanism used by jumbo-phages to thwart bacterial defenses. In his spare time, Deepto loves to write, photograph birds, host barbecues, dabble in trivia, play basketball, solve puzzles/ the NYT daily crossword and bake.


Twitter: @MozumdarDeepto


ORCID: 0000-0001-7303-8681