Current Lab Members

John Bruning, Graduate Student, [email protected]

Peter Hwang, Research Biochemist [email protected]

Elena Sablin, Research Biochemist [email protected]

Debra Singer, Administrative Analyst [email protected]


James Bayrer, Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow, with Pediatric Gastroenterology Dept. [email protected]

J. Fernando Bazan, Senior Scientist, Genentech, Molecular Biology & Protein Engineering   [email protected]

Cindy Benod, The Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute [email protected]

Sabine Borngraber, Roche Biosciences   [email protected]

Linda Brinen, Asst Adj Professor, Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology   [email protected]

Mary Jane Budny UCLA PhD Program   [email protected]

Michelle Browner, Scientist, Roche Bioscience    [email protected]

Jenny Buchbinder, Robins & Pasternak, LLP

Manish Butte, M.D., Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Stanford University

Chris Bystroff, Associate Professor, Biology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute    [email protected]

Laura Caboni, [email protected]

Michael Crerar, Professor, York University, Toronto, Canada

Leslie Cruz, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford [email protected]

Beatrice Darimont, University of Oregon

Bess-Carolina Dolmo UCD    [email protected]

Jennifer Ekstrom, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University    [email protected]

Eva Estébanez-Perpiñá, Institut de Biomedicina-Universitat de Barcelona   [email protected]

Ernest Feytmans, Director of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics  [email protected]

Pamela Focia, Structural Biology Facility, Northwestern University   [email protected]

Joan Guinovart, Professor (University of Barcelona)

Betsy Goldsmith, Professor (UTSW)

Fred Gorin, Professor, UC Davis [email protected]

Ariel Gragnolati, Graduate Student [email protected]

Russ Huber, Neuropathology, University of Washington   

Eugene Hur  [email protected]

Sarah Gillmor Hymowitz, Genentech Inc.  [email protected]

Natalia Jouravel, Sandia National Laboratories [email protected]

Filiz Kisaayak  [email protected]

Kris Kuchenbecker, [email protected]

F. Jon Kull, Associate Professor, Chemistry, Dartmouth

Kai Lin, University of Massachusetts (deceased 2006)

Galina Malanina (retired 2012) [email protected]

Ellena Mar [email protected]

Mary McGrath, Scientist, Gilead

Sabine Moecklinhoff [email protected]

Christopher Newgard, Professor, Duke University

Kenichi Nakano, Business, Japan

Phuong Nguyen, [email protected]

John Perona, Professor, UC Santa Barbara  [email protected]

Sam Pfaff, Postdoctoral Fellow, Arkin Lab, UCSF [email protected]

Peter Rasor, Boehringer & Mannheim, Munich

Virginia Rath, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Benjamin Sandler, Ass't Professor, Oklahoma State University  [email protected]

Krista Shipley, [email protected]

Charles Sindelar, Ass't Professor, Yale University [email protected]

Eric Slivka [email protected]

John Somoza, Senior Research Scientist, Gilead

Stephen Sprang, Director, Center for Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, University of Montana, [email protected]

Dinlaka Sriprapundh   [email protected]

Deborah Stone, Specialist [email protected]

Jennifer Turner, Lecturer, Vassar University  [email protected]

Rubatharshin Uthayaruban, [email protected]

Maia Vinogradova, Genentech [email protected]

Stephanie Wang, Law School  [email protected]

Richard Wagner, Consultant

Jeremy Wilbur, Postdoc at Rebecca Heald Lab, UCB  [email protected]

April Woods, Staff Research Associate   [email protected]

Fumiaki Yumoto, Associate Professor, Structural Biology Research Center, High Energy Research Organization (KEK) [email protected]

G. Wayne Zhou, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University  [email protected]